Frequently Asked Questions

Online Offering of Special Education Certificate FAQ

How many years does it take to complete the certificate?

The certificate is designed to be completed in 2 years but may be completed in up to 5 years.

To apply to the certificate applicants must have met the pre-requisites that include at least six credit units in special education (EDPSE 390.3 and EDPSE 414.3), a B.Ed., a Professional A Teaching Certificate and at least one year of teaching experience.

I have taken special education courses towards another degree can they be counted for the certificate?

Courses previously counted towards another degree cannot be counted towards another, in this case the certificate.

I have taken special education courses at another university that are not part of a degree can they be transferred for credit into the certificate?

As the certificate is a 500 level program credit transfer arrangements are not likely for undergraduate courses in special education taken from another university (i.e. Athabasca), the exception would be for graduate courses numbered at the 800 level. As admissions are done by committee, full documentation of courses including syllabus, course outline, and assignments would be required before courses would be considered for transfer credit.
NOTE: Classes that have been taken more than 6 years ago will not be considered.

I am not interested in taking all 30 credit units in the certificate. Can I take fewer classes?

Students not interested in enrolling in the certificate may take up to two 3 c.u. courses, as long as they have met the pre-requisites for those courses.

I would like to take one or two courses what do I need to do?

Even if you only want to take one or two courses, you still need to apply to the program to be classified as a University of Saskatchewan student. View for application details.

Will courses in the certificate be offered during Spring/Summer session?

Courses in the certificate will be offered during spring summer session and will run over 13 weeks from May to August. Students not in the certificate but interested in enrolling are advised to visit the University of Saskatchewan website for a complete listing of courses available in the certificate over spring/summer session.

I am interested in applying for the certificate what do I need to do?

Download an application form.

A complete application package includes:

1. Application Form
2. University transcripts (direct from ALL universities attended)
3. Resume outlining teaching experience plus three references
4. $75.00 application fee (nonrefundable)

Please submit all application documents (in person or by mail) to:

How much is tuition fees?

The Post-Degree Certificate in Education: Special Education tuition category is category #2 as set by the University of Saskatchewan Schedule of Tuition Fees for Canadian Undergraduate Students.

Cost per c.u. $181.00
Cost per 3 c.u. class $543.00
Cost per 6 c.u. class $1086.00

If I was accepted, when would my courses begin?

Students accepted into the certificate would begin in the spring/summer/fall of the year they apply or January of the following year.

How many courses would I have to complete in a year in order to complete the certificate in two years?

Students would be expected to complete 15 credit units or five courses over a 12 month period. For example 3 c.u. in term 1, 3 c.u. in term 2 and 9 c.u. in spring and summer session. Additional sections of courses might be offered over the course of two years depending on demand for those courses. Please visit the university online catalogue for a complete listing of courses in the certificate.

What are the courses in the certificate?

The courses in the certificate can be found by visiting this page.

Is there an elective course in the certificate?

You are required to take 6 credit units of elective courses. Courses should review the theory, research, and practice related to emerging trends and issues in the education of students with diverse learning needs.

What courses can be counted as an elective?

For a course to be counted as the elective students must provide a brief rationale of the course in relation to their program of studies in special education. Course choices must be submitted to the Director of the Program for approval prior to registration.

How are courses delivered in the certificate program?

Courses in the certificate program are delivered online using Blackboard Learn

Does this mean I can study at home through my own computer with internet access?


How do I access course materials for certificate courses?

Additional reading materials (not including the textbook) will be provided within the course content. You will need to order textbooks from the bookstore.

Registration for courses in the certificate is handled through PAWS once students have been admitted and received permission to register.

For all Certificate classes, registration is by permission only. This means you must contact the office and inform us which class you would like to take for each academic year. Keep in mind that it is on a first-come, first-serve basis therefore the sooner you register, the better chance you have to get into the course.

I have been accepted into the certificate and would like to know when I can register for my courses?

Students will receive a letter from the registrar’s office indicating when they are able to register using PAWS.

I am currently at Class 4 will the certificate enable me to move to Class 5?

Yes once you have completed the certificate you will be able to apply for an Additional Qualification Certificate through Saskatchewan Ministry of Education to move to Class 5, please visit the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Website for more information.

Will I be able to obtain Class 6 by completing the certificate?

No, only individuals completing graduate training may move to Class 6.

Will completion of the certificate allow me to teach special education in Saskatchewan?